​​​​Notorious W.A.X. Auto ​Detailing

Brownsburg, Indiana

We Also Detail:

- Boats
- Motorcycles
- Semi trailers
- Motorhomes

​- Recreational vehicles


We operate on an appointment only basis. This ensure that we are able to give each vehicle the attention to detail that it deserves. We generally accept appointments Monday through Friday. We are able to extend weekend appointments on a case by case basis. 

About Us:

We are a family owned and operated business located in Brownsburg that offers professional auto detailing services. We have a few different detailing packages to fit any need and budget and we also offer several "Ala carte" services if desired. We are located just off of Northfield Drive across from John Force Racing. 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is cutting corners and simply looking for the quickest way to make a profit. Customer service seems to be a thing of the past. We have sought to change that. Professionalism, quality of work, and overall value is what separates us from the competition. We offer the best value for our services because value is what our customers are searching for. We have simplified the entire process and eliminated complicated service menus where you have to choose each individual option. Word of mouth is how we advertise our services, so nothing is more important to us than a satisfied customer and a vehicle that has never looked better.

Auto detailing is a passion of ours and we would love to earn your business. Feel free to browse our "Pricing" section above where we have outlined our packages in an easy to read format. Also check out our Facebook page, as we update it regularly. We can be contacted via e-mail and/or phone for an appointment that fits your schedule. Thank you for looking!

Gift Certificates Available!

Our Services:

- Interior and exterior detailing
- Paintless dent removal (PDR)

- Engine detailing

- Paint scratch and defect removal
- Steam cleaning

- Odor removal
- Headlamp restoration
- Plastic trim restoration
- Wheel polishing
- Fabric protection
- Glass sealant
- Ceramic paint coatings
- Mobile detailing

Our Process:

We begin by pressure washing the vehicle to remove excess dirt and grime. We then pre-soak the vehicle using a foam cannon to loosen stubborn bugs, tar and road grime. It is then hand-washed utilizing the "two bucket" method to properly care for the paint. A final rinse is completed with de-ionized water to eliminate water spots and dried using high-speed air. All of our compounds and polishes are applied via machine and we have several different grades of compounds and polishes depending on how much paint correction is needed. All paint products are removed by hand using microfiber cloths. We always complete a final inspection to ensure nothing is missed. 

We use a commercial steam cleaner on every vehicle to completely clean and sanitize all interior panels and upholstery. With the use of steam, we are able to clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Your vehicle will be returned with carpets and upholstery that is completely dry and left with a fresh, clean scent. The use of steam is second to none when it comes to removing interior odors and stains.

In additional to using steam to clean interiors, we also use hot water extraction. Using a commercial hot water extractor, we are able to force hot water in excess of 200 degrees directly into the carpets and upholstery and promptly extract it. The extraction method is great for loosening and removing tough, stubborn stains. We are also able to eliminate tough odors and completely sanitize the interior surfaces. Utilizing steam and hot water extraction will leave your vehicle as clean and fresh as it was the day you purchased it.