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Brownsburg, Indiana

Packages and Pricing

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Hand Wash - $30.00/$40.00/$50.00

​If your local carwash just isn't cutting it these days, come and see us for a full-service hand wash. We provide the best value compared to the quality of service you'll receive at a commercial chain carwash. We use only deionized water, so you do not have to worry about water spots! We begin by pressure washing the vehicle to remove surface dirt and grime. We then use a foam cannon to presoak the vehicle to loosen any remaining dirt and grime. Once the vehicle is done soaking, it is safely washed using "two bucket method" to protect the clear coat from surface scratches. Using compressed air, all of the cracks and crevices are blown out. We then thoroughly dry the vehicle and release it back to you. The hand wash also includes the following services:

- Cleaning of the outside and inside of wheels

- Cleaning of the wheel wells

​- Cleaning and dressing of the tires

Express Package - $100.00/$125.00/$175.00

Looking for a quick detail that doesn't break the bank? This package is geared toward vehicles that are generally well-maintained and just need a quick interior and/or exterior cleaning every now and then. It is also a great option for those on a budget looking for a professional detail. We will do a "once over" on the interior and apply a coat of synthetic paint sealant on the exterior. The sealant will provide protection for up to 6 months and provide a high-gloss shine. The sealant is geared toward gloss and protection and does not remove any hazing, scratches, or oxidation. This package consists of the following services:

- Exterior hand-wash
- Apply dressing to tires
- Wipe interior door jambs
- Wipe interior plastics and trim with a damp microfiber cloth
- Clean interior glass
- Blow out all cracks and crevices and underneath seats via compressed air

- Vacuum carpeting, mats and seats and follow-up with compressed air to
- Apply a synthetic paint sealant to exterior paint (Protection for up to 6 months)

​          · Interior only $50.00/$75.00/$100.00

Basic Package - $200.00/$250.00/$300.00

This is our most popular package! This package is geared toward the individual that is looking for some basic paint protection and shine but would like the focus of the detail to be on the interior of the vehicle. This package is also geared toward removing minor surface hazing, scratches, scuffs, and oxidation if desired. If it has been a little while since your last detail or you recently purchased a pre-owned car, this might be exactly what you're looking for. This package consists of the following services:

- Exterior hand-wash
- Apply dressing to tires
- Clean and wipe door jambs
- Clean and apply a satin protectant to all interior trim surfaces
- Clean vents
- Clean interior glass
- Blow out all cracks and crevices and underneath seats via compressed air

- Vacuum all carpeting, mats and seats
- Steam clean all carpeting, mats and seats (Clean and condition leather seats)
- Apply a synthetic wax to the exterior of the vehicle (Protection for 3-6 months)

          · Interior or exterior only $125.00/$150.00/$200.00

Premium Package - $375.00/$425.00/$475.00

This package is geared towards those vehicles that need a little TLC. This is the package you would want if your paint has moderate to severe hazing, scratches and swirls, or oxidation that needs to be removed. This is an especially popular package for black vehicles. It's also popular for neglected vehicles or the ones that have been through a lot of commercial carwashes. You can generally expect the removal of 80 to 90% of surface imperfections. Anything beyond this will require a custom quote and is generally reserved for show car preparations. Once the defects are removed, we will apply a synthetic sealant that will leave paint protection and gloss lasting 5-6 months. If interested, we also offer an upgrade to a specialized sealant for $25.00 that will last for 9-12 months and provide an even deeper gloss. This package consists of the following services:

Basic package plus the following:
- Exterior clay bar paint treatment to remove paint surface contaminants and smooth paint to a glass like texture
- Removal of the majority of moderate to severe exterior hazing, scratches, swirls, and other imperfections
- Application of a synthetic paint sealant for protection, color depth and gloss, and water repelling (Protection for 5-6 months)

          · Exterior only $275.00/$350.00/$425.00

Ceramic Paint Coating – $500.00/$550.00/$625.00

The last couple of years, ceramic paint coatings have really gained popularity. People are always looking for a low-maintenance option to protect their vehicle's finish and this is it. Not only do you get the extreme shine and gloss that a standard wax or sealant provides, but you get a layer of protection that lasts 3-5 years! It is highly resistant to scratching and other environmental contaminants and repels dirt and grime better and longer than any other option. We start by removing any existing paint defects like scratches and swirls (via the premium package described above) and then apply the ceramic coating. Once applied, the coating cures in 12-24 hours and becomes a tough and durable top coat to your existing finish. Compared to a normal clear coat, this is much more durable. After 3-5 years (depending on environmental factors and general care) the coating will eventually wear off like a standard wax, so there is no need to be concerned with being able to visibly see it coming off. Once it stops beading water and doesn't feel slick or smooth to the touch, it's time for a reapplication. Compared to a standard wax application done once or twice a year, this is much more cost effective. Give us a call for any additional questions!
  * Price is for the exterior of the vehicle only *

A La Carte Items

Paintless dent removal (PDR)                 Pricing given on inspection (starting at $75.00)

Headlight restoration                             $75.00
Convertible top waterproofing                $30.00
Wheel polishing                                      $50.00
Glass sealant                                          $30.00
Fabric protection                                    $40.00
Leather coating                                      $100.00/$125.00/$175.00
Plastic trim restoration                           Pricing given on inspection
Permanent tire coating                           $30.00
Specific scratch removal                         Pricing given on inspection

*Pricing listed above is in order of vehicle type/size and is categorized in three different groups:
- Small sedans, single cab trucks
- Large sedans, small/medium SUV, extended cab trucks
- Large SUV or SUV with a 3rd row, minivans, crew cab trucks

* There may be an additional charge for heavily soiled vehicles or vehicles with extensive pet hair that requires removal. Also extra-large, or specialty vehicles
* Severe paint defects may require an additional charge to address
* There are some scratches, paint defects and interior stains that may not be able to be removed